Sunday, February 3, 2013

Google stocks soar to record high amidst talks of antitrust settlements

Google's (GOOG) stock rose 2.6% to close at $775.60, topping the all-time high of $774.38 it reached in October 2012. The stock went as high as $776.60.

When the market closed on Friday, Google stock had come to rest at $775.60, which broke the $774.38 record Google hit in October of last year. GOOG even managed to peak at $776.60 that day, which is $2.22 higher than the record close.
Google (GOOG) stock rises to record high amidst antitrust settlements in EU
GOOG stock this past six months

The cause of the sudden confidence in Google stock may be a result of an antitrust settlement proposal that the company sent to the European Commission, where it was facing an EU probe into its search business that has lasted three years. Experts claimed that Google might find itself in a very hard position, unlike how they fared in an investigation by the U.S earlier.

The Commission has not confirmed anything yet, but they did say that they would be taking the proposal into review. This news has been enough incentive to encourage investment in Google stock apparently -- enough to keep rising stocks Facebook (FB) and Microsoft (MSFT) eating their dust.

But will it last? That's the real question. An unfavorable decision by Europe may bring dire consequences upon Google's prices, and who really knows what the future holds?

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